artistic direction & performance | Barbara Lubich, Anna Till
photography l Barbara Lubich
dance l Anna Till
music & sound composition l Nikolaus Woernle
text l Ulrike Feibig
stage & costume design l Konstanze Grottkopp
light design & technical support l Martin Mulik
dramaturgy l Nora Otte
layout catalogue l Juliane Schmidt
production l Bettina Lehmann

premiere l Runde Ecke, riesa efau Dresden (GER), 14./15.07.2017
shows l HELLERAU – EZK Dresden (GER), 09/10.12.2017

produced by l situation productions
in cooperation withl HELLERAU – EZK Dresden, riesa efau Dresden
funded by l Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Landeshauptstadt Dresden – Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz
supported by l TanzNetzDresden, Zentralwerk e.V.

REVIEW l Dresdner – Kulturmagazin, Nachtkritik, 14.07.2017, Rico Stehfest
REVIEW l Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 15.07.2017, Gabriele Gorgas
REVIEW l TanzNetzDresden BLOG, 01.01.2018, Cindy Denner

photos | Barbara Lubich, Clemens Mart
video l Javier Sobremazas
layout l Ali Apurian

In „parallel situation“ treffen Tanz und Fotografie in Echtzeit aufeinander. In einem performativen Dialog verhandeln Barbara Lubich und Anna Till die Kraft von Bildern. Der Bühnenraum verwandelt sich in Bildflächen und die Bewegung wird zum Motiv. Die Aufnahmen entstehen im Moment der Performance und eröffnen ungewöhnliche Perspektiven und Details: Augenblicke maximaler Körperspannung, bizarre Bildausschnitte oder das lustvolle Spiel zwischen Schärfe und Unschärfe werden unmittelbar in die Gegenwart projiziert.

„Parallel situation erzählt in und mit Fotografien auf beeindruckende Art und Weise von Bewegung und Stasis, Formen und Farben, Licht und Klang und schafft so einen Sprung, der Tanzgeschichte und -gegenwart ebenso wie die Disziplinen Tanz und Fotografie auf überraschende Weise verbindet.“ (Cindy Denner)

In “parallel situation” dance meets photography in real time. The stage production is a performative examination which poses questions regarding the creation of images and the relationship between beholder and subject.
From reconstructing historical dance photography to live documentation on the streets, artists Barbara Lubich (photography) and Anna Till (dance) deal with the power of captured moments. „parallel situation“ is an intense dialogue between a dancer and a photographer. The photographs are taken in the very moment of the performance and immediately projected on stage. Two larger-than-life screens are part of te set design and refer to the two standard dimensions often used in photography: one screen positioned upright, refering to „portait“, the other one horizontal, refering to „landscape“.  Both artists are present on stage and interact in a playful way with each other as well as with the objects on stage (various materials that are used in photography industry).
Within this direct confrontation of the performed dance and the capturing of itself, Lubich and Till point to the the power of images and reveal the process of picture taking – questions about the possibilties of memory and perspective arise. In this way, “parallel situation” also opens up the view on how movement emerges and vanishes, so does remembrance.
Sound and image are directly linked. In this way, „Parallel Situation“ explores how the athmosphere of memories inscribes itself in images.
The gaze of the photographer acts as the third performer and guides the audiences perception. What do you see – and what is invisible to the spectators?
Text – written by authour Ulrike Feibig – opens up a new level of imagination: While the performers increasingly retreat from the audience’s view during the performance, the spectators are drawn into their own imaginative world.